Saturday, March 7, 2009


SMH*... dudes and their pick up lines! Why do I hear the same things over and over again?!

i.e: "Hey ma, if I was ya heart, would you let me beat?" 

I'd like to read some more of these pick up lines from you dudes & ladies you can post some of the lines you've received too! Don't get me wrong...some of these pick up lines actually work in some the one above (NO LIE) hahaha!



  1. how bout i was workin at marshalls & my stupid bf at the time (no names lol) decided to give me a hickey... like im 12 ewww...

    anywho its xmas eve and this dude sees it and says to me "so you like vampires?" trying to be an asshole, so I rolled my eyes and said "yes" and he said "Well, Im a vampire."

    lmao like r u serious? vampires? its xmas eve! not halloween! take ur last minute shoppin ass somewhere and keep it pushin brotha lol

    sorry that story jus came to me reading ur shit lol =]