Sunday, February 8, 2009

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love is lethal

Falling in love Rmx - Akon Feat Ray L & Dj WuNz

ahh... youth...passion...


I thought this article was interesting... 

inFUCKIN'justice ... smh*

What can we do about this?
... we need answers!

Meet 'Barbie'

Our own preconceptions cause us to rationalize because we’re only human. Those who are so attentive on the word “love” tend to maneuver toward less anticipated directions, drive into the burdens of subconsciousness and crash into the main torments of life. Reality. Broken hearts are a mere instrument of a necessary growth. So, in means of contradicting my own words: wanting is better than wasting. deuces*

MacMomma ;)

She's a beauty and I want her! 24-carat gold MacBook?! Yahh it's hard to admit but I'm such a gold-digger in this sense! ^_^ She's rockin'
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Be informed about: Breast Cancer

Be more !nformed about...


Lord have mercy! It is evident that many people are not fully aware of the dangers of breast cancer. 
Let's be more mindful about our health issues around the world... especially us women who have to go through the worst things in our existence.
I have included a picture of important key factors to diagnosing breast cancer at its earliest stages. 

*The reason I have included this info and thought this blog would be useful for people out there is because my dear mother was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 3 years ago and I was never really informed about the dangers and precautions one should take into consideration when hearing such things.

Here are a few quick facts about breast cancer. . .
Breast Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells

- Over 200,000 women are diagnosed with cancer every year* :\
- One person is diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes
- There are several different stages of breast cancer

... you can learn some more on your own about breast cancer and other types of cancer at:

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Copulation and its Founder

I love the feeling, both bold and brave. The attempt to grip so bare; it's so concave. It's wild, passionate, intimate and crazy. This is where I begin to introduce myself. I'll paint a picture...
A hardwood floor, bare back, torsos in place whirling motions, swaying hips, heavy breathing, you can't imagine how he's feeling. Fingers locked, eyes gazing, spoiled in every intention. Harmonious moans in tune, feel the love, the lust, the appetite, and ardor. It's wild, the copulation of two mammals. A you and I in strain. 


A strong woman cries twice the sorrow, and heals twice the pain. 
She works double the shift to pay her debts but feels as if she works in vain. 
She shows no signs of tears because they come into contact with queries. 
Her children are her most prized possessions because to them she tells her series.

brownie points

brownie points.
she portrays gorgeous and rotten satisfaction
jumps the ropes towards her addiction
lust and love don't phase her 
shh...she sleeps to your tune.
a sexual desire
brownie points.

prerogative of the intimate soul

oh you don't say! my journey has become silent
          i'm way too complex for you to comprehend.
resilient were the nights when i would go to bed carefree,
        not much to think of when things seemed great!
i am not part of my normal kin. believe me when you look at my skin.
             i flow,
i shine,
    i cry, 
      i grow,
just like you. but there's a thin line between love and hate.
                                I LOVE & YOU HATE!
you won't understand until you've walked in my shoes, 
                  tasted my sweat, smelled my hair, 
bit my tongue, cried my tears, lived my loses, and triumphed my victories.
i challenge you to complete me.
-- "this is me! welcome to my life! La bella vita!"
                                                                        dedicated to jasmin alexandria ...