Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Whiteout Effect

It's like I've completely blanked out,
Is it in the norm for me to feel like I 
Want to ... break down and forget 
Me and you and... undress myself and
Break you down to a cult of unhappiness
Making a scene in front of all my friends, 
Just to show you that you've done me wrong?
I can't seem to remember which heart you broke.
You see, I have a heart of gold, and a heart made of love.
If it's the gold you've taken, you can have it all,
But don't take my love away...
Your whiteout effect can take anything but the thing that keeps me sane.
It let's me remember which love stays true 

- most of you may be confused with this little short poem... however,
my soul sisters and brothers can feel this one... 'deeply'

Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been slacking on the blogging but school is getting harder as it comes to an end and then it's SUMMER VACA!!! Thinking: Cali, Miami, NY, Cape Cod, my bed! yepp! oh and somewhere in between that I should be working two jobs :) 

Anyways, what's the sitch? Leave me something sweet to talk about I've been a busy bee <3 

- your bloggerrrr