Saturday, February 7, 2009

prerogative of the intimate soul

oh you don't say! my journey has become silent
          i'm way too complex for you to comprehend.
resilient were the nights when i would go to bed carefree,
        not much to think of when things seemed great!
i am not part of my normal kin. believe me when you look at my skin.
             i flow,
i shine,
    i cry, 
      i grow,
just like you. but there's a thin line between love and hate.
                                I LOVE & YOU HATE!
you won't understand until you've walked in my shoes, 
                  tasted my sweat, smelled my hair, 
bit my tongue, cried my tears, lived my loses, and triumphed my victories.
i challenge you to complete me.
-- "this is me! welcome to my life! La bella vita!"
                                                                        dedicated to jasmin alexandria ...


  1. I'm honored Bella. I love you... this is too dopeeee

  2. this is some deep shit sis... but knowing how beautiful and talented of a person you are i wouldnt expect anything less but greatness...<3 love you sis dont just forever keep your head up but forever let your head be kept!....signing of Big Bro Morpheaus